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ISLS Costa Rica Travel Center

Our phone number in Costa Rica is 258-5111. Please call for room reservations, tours, and all other inquiries.

If you are interested in teaching English, take a look at: Teaching English in Costa Rica.

ISLS Welcomes you to Costa Rica!

ISLS, Institute for Spanish Language Studies, is a service for Spanish students wanting to make the most of their experience in Costa Rica. Not only do we have first class language institutions throughout the country we offer our travel services to our students.

Once you are in Costa Rica, ISLS offers many valuable services that will help make your visit an enjoyable one. Spanish language students receive help finding schools and access to many services while they are in school. Some students are thinking about retiring, buying land, or investing in Costa Rica. We can help by providing needed services through our Student Guesthouse and staff.

After your Spanish program is completed with ISLS, you are still our students and all of our facilities and services are still available to you. If you are traveling, working, volunteering or retiring in Costa Rica, we are here for you.

Welcome to Costa Rica Program

Knowledge of the layout of the country and Capital city is important for travelers, Spanish language students, people thinking about retiring or investing, or anyone planning on spending an extended period of time in Costa Rica. ISLS has put together a Welcome to Costa Rica program so that our clients have the easiest possible transition into the Costa Rican culture. You will arrive into Costa Rica three days earlier than your planned start date for your trip. We provide airport pick-up, accommodations, valuable safety tips, Costa Rican transit information, a “home base” while you travel, and an opportunity to meet other travelers with similar destinations and interests. We recommend this program to all our Spanish student, experienced and non-experienced alike.

Airport Pickup Service

We provide transportation to and from the airport for our clients. You can stay at the ISLS house or we can arrange for you to be taken to your place of lodging.

Language Schools in Costa Rica

ISLS can help choose the right language school for you. We represent eight different schools located throughout the country. You can study in the city or at the beach.

ISLS runs our very own Student Guest House where you can meet with other language travelers needing a place to lay their heads. It is a clean, safe place to stay, and a great place to swap stories and discover new places to visit.

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