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Pachuco Spanish

Slang Term Literal Pachuco
Pura vida This translated literally is "Pure Life". Its meaning is "great" or "fantastic". Pura Vida is used in a number of different contexts but the main one is in answer to the How question. For example: "How are you?" "How is everything?" or "Did you have a good time?" No translation
Tuanis "cool". This is also used in response to the "How?" question and is mostly used by young people. No translation
Chorizo "Spicy Sausage" "criminal" or "crook". This is used to describe people who take bribes or kickbacks, usually in politics
La faja de tiros "The ammunition belt". "the teeth"
El salveque "the backpack". "the belly"
La torre "the tower". "the head"
El tapis No translation. "the booze"
Un Iance   "spear". "a hot date"
La cabra "nanny goat". "girtfriend"
La cruz "the cross". "shirt"
Un bostezo "a yawn". "bore" or "drag out"
Un Palmito "palm heart". "High Roller"
La jama from jamar, "to eat". "the food"
Una tanda No translation. "binge"
Un Arrastrado/a "Dragged". "a person who begs love from someone who doesn't care"
El chante No translation. "the house" or "home"
Dar pelota a "give the ball to" "pay attention"
Espantarse "be scared". "to leave" or "clear out"
Montarse "ride". "take advantage of"
Ponerse Ia candela "put on the candle". "be able"
La gaveta "the drawer". "the mouth"
Los prestinos "large flat pastries" "the ears"
Los huevos "the eggs" "the testicles"
Una fria "a cold one" "a beer"
Una guicha No translation "a sucker"
El chivo "goat kid" "a kept man"
El caballo "horse" "pants"
Una teja "a roof tile" "a c100 bill"
Un chavalo / a "a youth" "a guy" or "a girl"
La leva "anchor, trick, frock coat" "a sweater"
Tandero No translation "person who binges"
Levanta a leva "raise anchor" "leave" or "split"
Copar No translation "go out"
Apuntarse "write down" "go along"
Ruliar No translation "sleep"
Ponerse las pilas "put in batteries" "look alive"
Enjachar No translation "to stare at"
Voy a meterme en Ia guata "I'm going to put myself in the..." "I’m going to the bathroom"
Pele el ojo "Peel your eye" "watch out!"
Ya Ia vio "already you saw it" "you got it" or "understood"
Como esta ci arroz? "How's your rice?" "what's going on?"
Porta a mi No translation "not important" or "I don't give a damn"
Tengala adentro "Keep it inside" "take it easy" or "play it cool"
Ne seas mio "don't be mine" "you're up to something"
Que es el vigio Literal translation is "What is the ___" "mind your own business"
Que achante or Que tigra No translation "what a drag"
Se va en todas Literal translation is "He/she goes in all of them" "he/she gets around"
Que hueso Literal translation is "What a bone!" "it turned out badly"
Que cache Literal translation is "how sloppy" "how pretty"
Es un chingue No translation. "what a riot" or "what a hassle"
Que banazo "what a bad bath" "how shameful"
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