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Playa Dominical

Program Outline

The Standard 16-hour Language Program is four complete hours of language a day, Monday through Thursday, Fridays are a free day. Classes start at 9:00 am and end at 1:30 pm with two 15 minute breaks; maximum class size is six and all materials are included. Each week you can join a Latin Dance Class. The Intensive 20-hour Language Program is the same as the standard 16, but also includes 4 hours of conversation classes on Friday. The Super Intensive 20 hour + 8 hrs Private has the same group schedule as the Intensive 20-hour, followed by 2 hours of private lessons from 2:30 to 4:30, for a total of 28 class hours a week. There are no private lessons on Friday afternoons. If you are the only student in a group program (16 or 20 hours/week) at a specific level, instead of moving to a different level class, you will switch to private lessons for three hours/day for that week.

The Medical Spanish Program is done in combined with either the Standard 16-hour or Intensive 20-hour Spanish language programs. In this program medical students and professionals receive 4 additional hours of medical Spanish classes and a weekly clinic/patient visit. We have more detailed information on the Medical Program available upon request. The Children’s Spanish Program for 8 to 13 year olds is a four hour/day program that combines in class lessons with out of class field trips and games. This program follows the same class hours as the adult program, but is designed with children in mind. Private Lessons are available with a minimum of 10 hours required each week. On-Line Lessons are available with a minimum of 5 hours required each week. You need to have Skype and you can purchase hours in 10 hour blocks. The more hours you buy the less expensive the hourly rate. Each hour contains 55 minute of instruction. We also have a great number of Volunteer Options available. A full description of all options is available at your request.


The Playa Dominical campus has a School Lodging option, as well as Homestay. School Stay is on-campus and there are three options. Standard Room with a private bath and fans. Standard Room with a private bath and A/C. There is also a Riverfront House with two baths, private kitchen, living area, a/c and wifi. There is also a large balcony overlooking the river with sunset views. With the Standard Rooms, there is a communal kitchen, wifi and you have the option of a shared or private room. Two of our rooms with fans are larger and can accommodate three students. Playa Dominical’s host families are within a 15-45 minute walk from the school depending on their location. The houses are rustic, but clean and the families are very welcoming. Most of the families are located in the small community of Dominicalito, which is 2 miles south of Dominical on the coast. Breakfast and dinner as well as weekly laundry service are included in the homestay option only.


Each week all students can participate in one afternoon activity, Dance classes. There are also a great many excursions to the surrounding area and our students receive discounted rates. We also have a Surf Program available for those students who would like to learn to surf. There are many different volunteer options that help students become better acquainted with the local community and culture.


Dominical is a small beach community on Costa Rica’s central pacific coast with about 400 permanent residents. The area around the town and up and down the coast is not very developed, which means that its location is truly in the rain forest. The school’s campus is right on the river in the middle of town and about a 5-minute walk from the ocean. The beach is famous for its world-class surfing as well as the abundant wildlife in the area. There are five national parks within 25 miles from Dominical. Hacienda Baru, is a private nature preserve right across the river from the school.

Local Color

In Dominical every weekend there are dances that attract the locals from all over the surrounding area. It is not unusual to have over 800 people come for the disco on a Saturday night, twice the resident population of the town. The real attraction of Dominical though lies in the surrounding natural wonders of the beach and rain forest.

Hot Tip

Punto Dominical is the best place to catch a bite to eat and see the sunset. The restaurant La Parsela has some of the best food in the area with spectacular views up and down the coast. Behind the restaurant is a trail the goes up and over the point down to a secluded rocky beach where the sunsets are unbelievable.

Start Dates

Every Monday of the year except on Costa Rican National Holidays. In the case of Monday holidays, classes will begin on the following Tuesday. The following Costa Rica Holidays are observed by the school; January 1, April 11, May 1, July 25, August 15 and September 15. The school is not open on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Also, our Playa Dominical campus is closed at the end of the year: 12/20/14 through 1/4/15. There are no refunds for missed days because of holidays. Although, for weeks with a national holiday, students have the option of dropping down to the 16 hour program and price.

Main points about the Playa Dominical campus:

  • The Dominical campus is right off the beach with lots of wildlife in the surrounding countryside and in the town itself
  • Dominical is one of the best surfing beaches in Central America
  • Afternoon Surf Program
  • Adventure Package that includes one day long adventure tour each week. Perfect for those on the Standard 16 hour Program
  • 16 hour Spanish Program that gives students a three day weekend each week. Can be combined with Medical Program.
  • Great afternoon and weekend activities such as Dance and cooking classes, rafting, kayaking and mountain biking
  • Great lodging options, with something for every student and budget. $75/week on campus lodging, best deal in Costa Rica!
  • Unique Program options from a Survival ‘Crash’ Program to the long term less intensive option of Relaxed Spanish
  • Nearby Cano Island and Corcovado National Parks are two of the most untouched rainforests in the country
  • Undergraduate College units and graduate level credit available
  • The Intensive group 4 + Private is a great combination of groups classes and individual tutoring
  • A very comprehensive Medical Spanish program, combining in class curriculum with afternoon hospital and clinical visits
  • Children’s Spanish Immersion Program for 8 to 13 year olds
  • A very safe beach location, perfect for families and those traveling on their own
  • Small school so it is very flexible and willing to set up special programs or group packages.
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