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Barcelona (Catalonia, Mediterranean coast)
Called the “Jewel in the Crown of the Mediterranean,” and rightly so, Barcelona is truly a remarkable city. Acting as a bridge between “Classic Spain” and the rest of Europe it is a culturally dynamic and vibrant town. It is the second largest city in Spain and fiercely independent. Nowhere is this more evident than in the unique and colorful architecture of the “modernista” movement typified by Antonio Gaudi. His most famous structure, the Sagrada Familia cathedral is not even finished. They have been working on this for over 100 years and they still have a ways to go. With amazing night life, an historically significant gothic quarter and sun drenched beaches, it is hart to beat this as a travel destination.

Granada (Andalusia)
Our language center is located in the Andalucian city of Granada, situated right in the heart of the city in the old Moorish quarter of Albaicin. The school offers small classes and a great deal of cultural programs with over 40 different activities from which to choose. Granada is world famous for its incomparable and remarkable Alhambra. This amazing citadel sits atop one of the city’s hills and was the last bastion of Moorish civilization on the Iberian Peninsula. Students can spend many days and hours exploring the many different gardens, buildings and palaces. Granada is also one of the main university towns in Spain and the school has a very international student body.

Madrid (City Central)
The Capital City of Spain is a lively metropolis of over 3 million people. It is the geographical, political and cultural heart of the country. It has been the capital since it was founded in 1652 and has become the melting pot of the Latin world with people from all parts of Spain and the Americas. The Puerto del Sol is the center of town right next to the Plaza Mayor. It is an area surrounded by small winding streets, shopping, great places to eat, bars and nightclubs. On New Year’s Eve it is the equivalent of Time Square in New York. Madrid boasts grand monuments and incredible museums, highlighted by the Museo del Prado, one of the worlds most famous and should not be missed.

Málaga (Coastal Andalusia)
Our language center in Málaga is located on 3 floors of a newly restored building near the beach. This location offers students the chance to combine Spanish language studies with an unforgettable vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. Cool breezes and a relaxed atmosphere will refresh you after study sessions. You can enjoy sunny terraces, sandy beaches and warm temperatures while you practice Spanish in Andalusia. We feature intensive and effective courses, extra-curricular activities, excursions to Sevilla and Granada and of course we are only 50 m. from the beach. Also, the Malaga airport is the main international arrival destination in southern Spain.

The capital of the province of Navarra, Pamplona is located in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains in the north of Spain. This vibrant city of 250,000 was founded by the Roman General Pompey in the first century BC. There are numerous historical as well as archeological sites to visit in and around the town. The old center of the city is a fantastic warren of winding streets, impressive plazas, monuments, gardens and parks. Famous for the “Running of the Bulls” each July, Pamplona the rest of the year is our most immersive location. Students who are serious about learning the language and culture of Spain can do no better than Pamplona. Our Spanish immersion center is in a 19th century building near the old medieval walls and adjacent to a network of beautiful parks and gardens.

Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz, southern Atlantic coast)
Our language center was established in 1986 in El Puerto de Santa Maria. El Puerto, as it is called by locals, is a city of a hundred palaces and also the home of Christopher Columbus. A city full of history, yet young enough to have plenty of activities ranging from day time amusement parks, to night long discos. Its beautiful, long, golden sandy beaches on their own guarantee a wonderful time, in fact there are more than 22 km of beaches in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Nearby is the city of Cadiz, which is easy to visit using the many ferries that travel back and forth across the bay.

Salamanca (Castilla/Leon, central Spain)
Our school in Salamanca has the advantage of being a modern, fully equipped center right in the heart of all the charm and ambience of Spain’s Golden City. Salamanca is famous as Spain’s oldest university town and still buzzes with students and student life by day and night. From here one can easily make excursions over into Portugal and the other historic cities of old Castilla. The Plaza Mayor is the best example of its kind of Spain’s love affair with the large central plazas and pedestrian ways. This is one of the few towns in Spain that can boast of two cathedrals. The 12th century Old Cathedral is a classic example of Romanesque architecture while the New Cathedral, started in the 16th century is all Gothic.

San Sebastian (Basque Country, north Atlantic coast)
Few cities can offer so many alternatives in one single area: marvelous scenery, beaches, mountains, folklore, remarkable customs and traditions, important musical and cinematic events—Jazz Festival, Film Festival, Music Fortnight—as well as countless parties, “Semana Grande,” Carnival, “aldereros” (Tinker’s festival), San Sebastian’s Day…as well as having internationally recognized cuisine. The school is located in a central area, easy walking distance to all parts of downtown and the beach. Students can learn in small groups or in private lessons. The program and the teachers are top notch and the service is excellent. Another advantage is that it is only 12 miles from the French boarder, so it is easy to make day trips to France.

Seville (Andalusia)
Situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Seville is the capital of Andalusia and southern Spain. The home to the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, during the last stages of the Reconquista, no other Spanish city has more historical significance. Dating back almost three thousand years, every significant Mediterranean culture has controlled this vital trading center. From the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors and Visigoths, all the way to modern Spaniards, Seville’s cultural and economic importance has been understood. Add to this fantastic architecture, beautiful gardens and squares, lively night live, flamenco dancing and a zest for life and you have one of the best places in the world to learn Spanish.

Valencia (Mediterranean coast)
Spain is a country full of historically significant cities and Valencia is no exception. One of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in Spain, it was founded over 2000 years ago by retired Roman legionnaires. The large cathedral in the center of the medieval part of the city houses what some believe to be the Holy Grail. Long overlooked by international travelers, Valencia has made a dramatic comeback. As signs of this resurgence are the newly completed City of Arts and Sciences and the hosting of the America’s Cup sailing race to be held in 2007. Miles and miles of white sandy Mediterranean beaches stretch out north and south of the city. It is also justifiable famous for its night life, which does not usually get started until after midnight.

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