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Barcelona (Catalonia, Mediterranean coast)

Program Outline

We have two intensive language courses with eight different levels. The Intensive course is a program with 4 hours of class a day. Classes begin at 9:30am and end at 1:30pm with a 30 minute break. The program progresses through a range of new grammar topics every week but always with a focus on developing your conversational skills. Classes are characterized by a high level of interaction, student participation and situational exercises that help you to express yourself competently in a Spanish speaking environment. Each block of two class hours is taught by a different teacher. Please note that when the school is busy, classes can also start in the afternoon at 4:00pm

Super-intensive course is a six-hour/day program. This program consists of the intensive course + 2 class hours of additional Spanish conversation training from 2:15pm till 4:00pm to help you improve your oral comprehension and expressive skills.


The school is located in a historic building in the center of Barcelona in the famous district where most of Gaudí’s architecture can be found. Barcelona is called the jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean and the combination of history, architecture, beach, bars and restaurants is unbeatable. Students will have no difficulty being captivated for a long time by this amazing city.


We have a wide range of accommodation able to suit the needs of everyone. Students can choose individual rooms in shared flats with other students, a homestay with a Spanish family or stand alone apartments for complete privacy. All housing options are within a maximum of 30 minutes by public transport from the school. Students who stay with Spanish families will have private rooms and half board or breakfast. Laundry service once a week is also included.


Barcelona is one of the world’s top destinations and it is not difficult to see why. This Olympic city (1992) boasts a wealth of cultural and historical treasures as well as the renowned “modernista” architecture of Antiono Gaudí and his compatriots of the late 19th century. The school organizes weekly culture classes (free) and offers as well daily and weekend activities (at nominal fee).

Start Dates

Classes start every Monday of the year for students with some Spanish ability and every second Monday for absolute beginners. The last week of December and the first of January, the school is closed.


Barcelona is located in the north east of Spain on the Mediterranean coast. The weather is warm and sunny in spring and summer (take your beach gear) and mild to fresh in autumn and winter ideal for exploring the city.

Local Color

Barcelona prides itself as a bridge between “classic” Spain and Europe with an inspiring mix of Spanish customs and sometimes surprising efficiency. As a wealthy old city, there is not a street corner without a story and the beach is on the sea front integrated with the city. Each neighborhood in the center has its own feel and charm and excellent public transport makes it really easy to move around the city.

Points of Interest

Barcelona is home to one of the most fascinating churches in the world: the Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudí which has been under construction for more than 100 years, slowly rising over Barcelona. The city itself built up from the shores of the sea into the hills is a magnificent sight and holds one of the oldest historic medieval centers in the world as well as countless museums of classical and modern art. Barcelona’s nightlife is considered to be one of the best in the world with a great choice of bars, restaurants and night clubs for every taste and budget.

Hot Tip

Enjoy a drink at sunset on the Mirablau bar on the Tibidabo hill overlooking the city and the Mediterranean Sea. Get a free entrance ticket to a museum on the first Sunday morning of the month. Buy a monthly transport pass if you are studying for more than a couple of weeks.

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