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Surf Programs

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Discover Surf - $60

This one day introductory course includes 1 day board rental, a 2 hours surf lesson and use of rash guard. Students who then decide to continue onto the 2 week Beginners Program will be credited $60 toward the price of the new program. This is a great option for those that don’t know if surfing will be for them.

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Beginner Surf Package - 1 Wk/$260, 2 Wk/$395, 3 Wk/$595, 4 Wk/$795

This is the ‘Gold Standard’ of surf program for beginner surfers in Costa Rica. It is by far the most inclusive and comprehensive program available for those that wish to learn to surf. It includes all of the following: An Introduction and Orientation upon arrival, weekly board rental, use of a rash guard, 3 surf lessons/week (2 Hour Lessons). We have plenty of boards from which to choose, so as you progress you can switch to smaller and more expert boards.

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Intermediate/Advanced Surf Package- 1 Wk/$260, 2 Wk/$395, 3 Wk/$595, 4 Wk/$795
($70/Wk less if you bring your own board)

We understand that one program does not fit all. This is why we are the only Spanish school that offers a completely separate program for intermediate and advances surfers. This program caters to surfers who are not beginners, but still want to get to know the area and improve their level of ability. The program includes an Introduction and Orientation upon arrival, 14 days of board rental, use of a rash guard, 4 trips (2/week) to nearby surf breaks outside of Tamarindo or 4 surf lessons, 2 video analysis sessions, surf theory along with Surf Seminars and a Surf Manual.

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Additional Weeks
(3rd week on - $190)

Many of our Spanish students study for longer periods of time than two weeks. If you would like to continue surfing and being a part of the Surf Program, you can by signing up for additional weeks at a discounted price. These additional weeks include: 7 day/week of board rental, use of a rash guard, 2 Surf lessons/week, 1 video analysis session/week, 1 surf trip/week, Surf Seminars and Surf Manual. You can add as many weeks as you want.

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Kids and Family Program $160 one week ($295 two weeks)

This surf program in specific designed for families with children. It is a great way for both the parents and well as the children to learn about surfing and how to surf. The Parents are an integral part of this program and must accompany the kids to lessons to help carry the boards and help with the lesson. Parents will be taught how to teach the kids so they can help them on the days they don’t have surf lessons. We understand that every family is different, for this reason we have a great deal of flexibility with this program. The price is for Parent + Kid sharing a board. The program also includes an Introduction and Orientation on arrival, 7 or 14 days of board rental, use of a rash guard, 3 one hour surf lessons per week with parents and a Surf Manual.

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Boogie Board Program ($85 per week)

This program includes a boogie board and swim fins for 7 days as well as a lesson at Playa Langosta to get you started. This is a great option for those on a limited budget.

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3 Day Introduction Package ($375)

This Surf Welcome Program is for students who want an introduction to surfing and Costa Rica before their start their language and surf programs. Students participating in this exciting program need to arrive on the Thursday before the start of their Spanish program. Students need to arrive at the Liberia International Airport (LIR) where they will be picked up upon arrival and transported to Tamarindo. Students stay at a local hostel near the beach and receive surf lessons on Friday and Saturday along with board rental for the weekend. This is a great way to get a jump start on any of our Surfing programs. It also allows students extra time before their Spanish program begins to adjust to Costa Rica and make friends with other students already in country.

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1 Day Weekend Surf Package ($110)

Departs Tamarindo at 8am, finishes in Tamarindo 5pm the same day. Transportation to and from Tamarindo, 2 surf lessons, board rental, rash guard and lunch is included. We know that surfing takes a great deal of energy, so we provide a plentiful, tasty and healthy meal. Vegetarian options are also available along with any other special dietary requests.

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2 day Weekend Package (190)

Students are transported from Tamarindo Friday afternoon to our surf camp in Playa Avellanas. Upon arrival students will check into our surf hostel, meeting up later for a gourmet dinner with Chef Miguel at Lola’s Restaurant. Students can have some drinks and play pool while watching surf movies on the biggest TV in town. The next morning students will wake up in the lush Costa Rican jungle, stroll to the beach and surf one on the many peaks of Playa Avellanas. Later Saturday morning they return to the camp for breakfast and time to relax and hang out in the hammocks or they can explore the surrounding tropical dry forest. After lunch students head back to the beach for more surfing. After a long day of surfing, students can watch the sunset from Lola’s on the beach and have dinner. The next day students repeat the same surf and meal schedule before taking off back to Tamarindo and arriving at the school at 6pm.

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