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Undergraduate Credit through Brookhaven College, Dallas, TX

As a participant in certain ISLS Spanish Immersion program in Costa Rica and Latin America you have the opportunity to earn undergraduate Spanish credit from Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas. This institution is accredited by SACS, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. These are undergraduate, degree seeking Spanish credits for college and university students wanting to fulfill their institutions Spanish requirements. Obtaining advance approval from your institution is necessary, as each district, college, or state has its own policies regarding the types of credit it will accept.

Below is a list of the different courses offered including their names, course numbers and the amount of credit each is worth.

Course Name Course Number Amount of Credit
Beginning Spanish I (1st semester, 1st year) SPAN1411 4
Beginning Spanish II (2nd semester, 1st year) SPAN1412 4
Intermediate Spanish I (1st semester, 2nd year) SPAN2311 3
Intermediate Spanish II (2nd semester, 2nd year) SPAN2312 3
Advanced Spanish Conversation SPAN2306 3
Business Spanish I SPAN2316 3
Business Spanish II SPAN2317 3
Spanish Literature I SPAN2321 3
Spanish Literature II SPAN2322 3

Complete Course Descriptions

Each course has a minimum number class hours needed for credit. For both Beginning Spanish I and II you need 60 class hours each as a minimum. For all other course receiving 3 units, the minimum class time is 48 hours. For example, a student wanting to receive 4 credit hours for Beginning Spanish I, must attend classes for 60 hours or the equivalent number of weeks. If that same student also wants to receive the credit for Beginning Spanish II, they must attend classes for an additional 60 hours for a total of 120 hours for both courses. The cost of the credit depends on where you live and in some cases is in addition to the cost of the Spanish language program.

For the Playa Tamarindo Summer College Credit Program, the cost of the credit is included in the price of the program. This is a very special program that has been happening for over 10 years and is open to all undergraduate students wanting to partially or fully complete their Spanish requirement. For a list of other programs and locations accredited for undergraduate units, please contact an ISLS representative.

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