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Pre-Kinder/Kinder Spanish Immersion Program

The Kindergarten Spanish program is specifically designed for children between the ages of 1½ to 7 years of age and is only offered in Turrialba. For many years we have worked with a local private Early Education Center to provide the most immersive language and cultural immersion program for children 7 years of age and under.

This school is for local Costa Rican children and is conducted completely in Spanish. This is a true immersion experience. There are about 60 children in the school, split up into 4 different groups, depending on age. Students participate in numerous activities and classes. Daily activities include; music, arts & crafts and literature. Also, once a week they will have computer classes, physical education and swimming lessons.

The school uses the education program developed and certified by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education as well as their own additions and specially developed lessons. Children participating in this program will start classes at 8:00 am and are completely supervised until 12:00 pm when classes end. At that time children can be picked up by their parents or transported by private driver to our Spanish campus to meet up with their parents as they finish their Spanish classes.

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