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Children's Spanish Immersion Program

The Children’s Spanish Immersion program is designed for children from the age of 8 to 13 years old and is offered year round. Teenagers from 14 years of age and up will be placed in the regular adult Spanish classes. This children’s program is available in four locations in Costa Rica: Turrialba and Playa Tamarindo. These special classes are held at the school’s facility and are taught by teachers who have special training to deal with the needs and abilities of younger children.

During the course of the lessons the children will have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and have lessons outside. They will have different games and activities that will be done in Spanish and conducted in a fun and interesting way in order to keep them interested and learning. We have specially designed educational materials and lessons that are use to introduce grammar, and vocabulary as well as the structure of the language.

These classes are run at the same time and with the same schedule as the adult language program. This includes up to four hours/day of private or semi-private classes, activities and materials, Monday through Friday. Lodging is separate and families can stay with specially chosen local families, on-campus apartments or private rental houses, depending upon availability in either location.

Our children’s program is a very comprehensive Spanish immersion opportunity. It offers families the opportunity to expose their children to the Spanish language at a young age. As most language experts will tell you, it is much easier to teach a child another language when they are young then it is to teach an adult. For more information, including up to date pricing and program options, please Contact Us.

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