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Panama’s currency is know as the Balboa, which is printed only in coins and not in paper bills. The value of the Balboa coins are equal to that of the US dollar, and are used and regarded as such. Furthermore, the size and weight of the Balboa is equal to that of US coins. Most of the prices in local stores are listed in Balboa terms, however, it is no different that reading the price in US dollars.

Credit cards are commonly used throughout Panama, including car rental companies, hotels, bars, stores, casinos, etc. Below we have listed the main offices for the four mostly frequently used credit cards in the event that you need their assistance.

American Express
Location: Banco Exterior, Balboa Avenue, 9th floor
Services: Cards, traveler checks, change checks, 24 hours
Phone #: 225-5858, toll free-001-800-111-0006

Visa & Mastercard
Location: Plaza Chase, 47th street and Aquilino de la Guardia
Services: cash, stolen cards
Phone #: 263-5221

Diners Club & Visa - Credit Card Center of Central Bank
Location: Via España
Services: cards, cash, 24 hours
Phone #: 263-7922

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