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  • Cuenca, Ecuador


Program Outline

The 4 Hours/Day of Private Lessons is one-on-one tutoring with a Spanish teacher who will tailor the program and lessons to meet the exact needs of each individual student. Classes are in the morning from 8:30am to 12:30pm with a thirty minute break at 10:30am.

The 6 Hours/Day of private Lessons is also one-on-one tutoring with four hours in the morning, the same as the 4 hour program with the addition of two hours in the afternoon from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Students who have a short period of time to spend in a school will find this program intensive and comprehensive.

The Super Intensive 6 hour Program is 4 hours of small group (no more than 4 students) in the morning followed by 2 hours of private one-on-one lessons in the afternoon. This is a great way for students to maximize their time in Ecuador while combining the benefits of both small group studies with the intensity of private tutoring. This is a highly recommended program for beginning students.

Dancing, cooking or guitar classes are available to students for an additional $6/hour. Students can also study at different locations around Ecuador, such as in the jungle, on the coast or in the towns of Banos or Otavalo. There is an additional cost of $250 per week to go to one of these locations.


Students choosing the homestay option stay with specially chosen Ecuadorian families. All meals are included, private room, laundry service and pickup from the airport. Staying with a family is the perfect compliment to classes at the school and will allow you to practice the Spanish you learn in a conversational setting. Those students not wishing to stay with a family can stay at a nearby pension with a private room, breakfast and airport pickup for an extra $14/week.


Ecuador is a country with great geographic as well as cultural diversity. Different regions of the country include the jungles of the Amazon, the highland Sierras of the Andes, Pacific coast beaches and the islands of the Galapagos. Culturally the peoples of Ecuador are equally rich with a number of different Indian cultures scattered throughout the different regions.


The school is located in the modern section of the capital city of Quito. Sitting at about 9000 feet the city contains more than 500 churches and has been designated UNESCO as a “Heritage of Mankind” city. The campus grounds include a main building, gardens, barbecue area, small classrooms, video room and library. The school will also store luggage for students that wish to travel after they finish their programs.

Local Color

The school has a notice board in the entry hall that always has updated information about all local events. Students taking private lessons can choose to tour the area surrounding the school with their teachers during program time. There are numerous markets and museums in both the new and old sections of the city. The nightlife in Quito is lively with many different bars, nightclubs and discos from which to choose.

Start Dates

Students can start their programs any Monday of the year. Classes are held every day of the year, Monday through Friday, except Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Main Points about Quito

  • Location: The school is located in the modern section of Quito, which is very clean and safe.
  • Very professionally organized and operated with a very courteous and helpful staff.
  • Three very intensive Spanish language options from which to choose.
  • Ecuador is an amazingly diverse country with a great deal to experience and see.
  • Baggage storage services for students wishing to travel after their programs are through.
  • Students stay in specially selected Ecuadorian families in private rooms with full board.
  • Dancing, cooking and guitar classes are available to all students.
  • Group activities such as parties, excursions and sports activities are also available.
  • The school is very accommodating to students needs and will help tailor the program to the students needs.
  • Four different camps outside of Quito where students can choose to study for a week or two.
  • The area surrounding the school is extremely safe.
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