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Buenos Aires

Program Outline

We have a variety of programs that fit almost anyone interested in learning Spanish! Our Group Spanish 20 hour/week course is the most popular option to learn and practice Spanish and meet other international students at same level. Classes are held in the morning or afternoon. We separate students into different levels by ability (we given an oral and written evaluation) as well as by age. We believe that this helps make the social interaction of the students easier.

All of our programs include a cultural program that begins each week with a city tour of the different neighborhoods around Buenos Aires. All students, in all of our different Spanish programs are welcome to take part in the program. It is a great way for students to get to know one another, while getting to know the local culture.

A very popular add on to a Spanish program is our Tango package. There is nothing that is so uniquely Argentinian as is the Tango. With this optional program student learn the music, the moves, the steps and the culture of one of the most famous dances in all the world. It is also a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people.

Our Medical Shadowing Program allows professional and students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Argentinean culture while at the same time learning specific medical vocabulary in a clinical environment. We put you in direct contact with local doctors and patients. The program includes: 12 hours a week of standard group lessons, along with 4 hours a week of private medical lessons and two Medical Shadowing sessions.

We have undergraduate college credit for students needing to meet their language requirement in the United States. These credit are degree seeking and come with an official college transcript that can be transferred to virtually any school in the US. Please contact us to find out more specific information.

Many of our students are also interested in getting involved with volunteer and service institution while they study and afterward. For this reason, we have set up a volunteer placement service. For a small, one time fee, we will match you up with the opportunity that best fits your desire and skill set. There are plenty of wonderful organizations in and around Buenos Aires that want and need your help.


Our homestay option is with specially selected Argentinean families. With homestay you receive half board, a private room, and pickup from the airport. Staying with a family is the best way to practice the Spanish you learn in class in a conversational setting. Those students not wishing to stay with a family have two options. They can stay at our shared apartment option (no meals) or they can stay at a nearby student residence with a private room and breakfast. All our accommodation choices include airport pickup.


Argentina is a large country with many different geographic zones as well as cultural diversity. Different regions of the country include dessert, the Pampas, Atlantic coast beaches and Patagonia. Argentina’s population is made up in great part by European descendants who mixed in with indigenous peoples.

Buenos Aires is also called the “Paris of the South” and strongly influenced by European culture. It is one of the most sophisticated cities in Latin-America renown for its nightlife and cultural activities. It seems hard to find another city in Latin America with so much passion and excitement. Believe it or not, but amazingly Buenos Aires is still largely undiscovered by most tourists. You will be quickly embraced by locals (porteños) who are happy to meet foreigners. With high standards of living, very low crime rates, and an underdeveloped tourism crowd, our students have found Buenos Aires an ideal place for learning Spanish.


The school is located in the premiere part of the capital city of Buenos Aires, Barrio Recoleta. Buenos Aires boasts European sophistication while retaining Latin charm. With countless bars and cafes, flavorful neighborhoods, and a nocturnal population, the city offers diversions for many weeks, or even months, of exploration


The temperate climate of the city is characteristic of the Río de la Plata’s coastal plain. The city is hot and humid during the summer months of December to February, with a mean high temperature of 83°F (28°C). We recommend you to bring light clothing. The autumn and spring are characterized by fluctuating temperatures and quickly changing weather. The winter months of June to August are mild but humid, with strong winds. We recommend that you bring warm, woolen cloth as well as coat and umbrella.

Local Color

The Recoleta neighborhood is an excellent location for students who are interested in the cultura of Buenos Aires. There are a number of interesting places to visit nearby such as the Recoleta Cemetery and the Plazas Las Heras. For those who want to go out at night, the area has plenty of bars, discos, night clubs and coffee shops. Foreign students benefit greatly from the excellent exchange rate which means cheap prices in Buenos Aires stores.

School Benefits

The following are some of the benefits that our students receive at this location. Free tutorials, our own book, Free internet access, Wi-Fi capability, full time activity coordinator. Activities held all over the week and on weekends, friendly staff, beautiful premises with traditional architecture, Free snacks and purified water at break time, tourist and city info assistance and Welcome lunch for our new students.

Hot Tip

Tango and soccer culture are 2 hot tips to bear in mind. You will breath soccer in Buenos Aires and couples dancing tango on the streets will transport you to the beginning of century and origin of this magic rhythm.

Start Dates

Group sessions begin every other Monday. Individual (one-to-one) courses may begin any time as well. Classes are either from 9 until 1 or 2 until 6 with two snack breaks. National Holidays fall on the following dates the missed hours will not be made up or refund: Jan 1, Feb 11, Mar 29, April 2, May 1 & 25, June 20, July 9, Dec 25. These dates the school will be closed, but missed hours will be made up: Feb 12, Mar 24 & 28, April 1, June, 21, Aug 19, Oct 14, Nov 25, Dec 8. Private classes are made up in full.

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