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San Carlos de Bariloche (Patagonian Andes)

Program Outline

Our Group 4 (hours) Spanish Program is 20 hour/week of group lessons and is our most popular option. Classes are held in the morning and afternoon. There is a maximum of 6 students per class, but the average is less. All students take an oral and written evaluation and are separated by level of ability. We have students of all ages that participate in our programs. Private Lessons are a great way for those with limited time and a specific language need to accelerate their language learning, but still have time to enjoy everything that Bariloche has to offer. The program is only 10 hours/week, 2 hours/day, so you have more time to hike, ski and travel, while not losing anything with regard to learning Spanish. Students can also ask for more private hours per day. The Super Intensive Program option is 6 hours/day of classes in the morning and afternoon. The first four hours are group lessons and the last two are private. This is our most intense language option and combines the different learning benefits of group and private lessons. We can also use the private lessons to focus on a professional aspect to the language such as business or medicine. Class hour: 55 minutes.


Our Homestay Option is with specially selected families and included; half board and private room. Staying with a family is the best way to practice Spanish and learn about the local culture. All families are within a 15/30 minute walk of the school. All are welcoming to students and understand that students need interaction to learn Spanish. We also have the possibility of shared and private apartments and we can help set up stays at local hotels and hostels. One week means 7 nights.


Its special architecture and wonderful landscapes makes Bariloche an ideal destination to learn Spanish while traveling in Patagonia. The charming city is surrounded by mountains, beautiful lakes, and amazing forests, glaciers and wildlife. While many students prefer the big-city life in Buenos Aires, Bariloche provides a quieter mountain resort atmosphere, with a slower pace and cleaner air. The school organizes weekly activities in order to enjoy and learn more about the local culture.


Bariloche is one of the most important tourist attractions of Argentina! It is located at the foot of Los Andes and south cost of Nahuel Huapi lake and it is the biggest city of Rio Negro Province. The school is located in the “centro civico” or center of town and offers comfortable premises all year round. Around the School you will find everything you might need for your convenience: hostels, cabins, supermarkets, all kind of stores, beer breweries, restaurants, bars, bus stops, and more.


An important fact to be aware of is that the weather does not vary strictly in accordance with the calendar seasons. It is not unusual to have low temperatures and rainy weather in summer, which is mostly sunny and warm. During the winter, June through September, days may be cold and snowy, or bright and sunny. Temperatures average between 16° and 40° Fahrenheit. Snowfall in San Carlos de Bariloche make it a great place to ski and snowboard. During Spring, October & November, the days get longer and temperature begins to rise. At the same time, the rainfall starts to diminish very gradually. The nights are cold. During the daytime, temperatures vary between 45° and 70° Fahrenheit. Summer, December through March, the days are sunny and the nights cool. There is little rainfall and dominant winds are southwest. Daylight extends from 6 a.m. to around 10 p.m. Temperatures can reach as high as 90° Fahrenheit during the day, dropping to 65° at night. Fall, April & May, the average temperatures vary between 40° and 60° Fahrenheit. This is the season of cold, luminous and dry days, although now and then there are intense rains, and some early snowstorms, especially on the mountaintops.

Local Color

There are many places to visit while enjoying this quiet place. The mountain paths are open for hiking, riding mountain bikes and horses across the thick forests, and the high peaks are a challenge for climbers. In spring and summer the city invites visitors to enjoy excursions and outdoor activities in Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi while winter is ideal for skiing in Cerro Catedral.

Points of Interest

Bariloche, situated lakeside in the Andes Mountains, is the tourist capital of South America’s Patagonia region. From the town it is easy to arrange ski trips in the winter (June – September) and white-water rafting, climbing, and trekking throughout the year. Bariloche has turned into one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina. The facilities designed by man, as well as the beauty offered by the natural environment, mingle in perfect harmony to satisfy the visitor.

Hot Tip

For those in need of an extra dose of excitement, Bariloche has an active and fun night life. Its discos are famous among Argentinean and international students during their graduation trips, as well as among the large number of tourists that visit the city. Most shops, bars, and restaurants are a short walk from the school and our housing. Chocolates are the most famous souvenir to bring home from Bariloche. Their handmade chocolates, with an amazing variety and incredible options are prized throughout the country.

Start Dates

Group sessions begin every Monday of the year, no matter the student’s level of ability. Individual (one-to-one) courses may begin any time as well. Classes are either from 8am to 12pm or 1pm until 5pm with two snack breaks. The school is closed for most national holidays, and Argentina has a lot, so please contact us about the holidays that fall when you want to attend. Missed hours will not be made up or refund.

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