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Spanish Language Groups

Since 1992, ISLS has helped many teachers, club leaders, religious groups, youth ministers and parents put together youth and adult group programs for the purpose of learning Spanish abroad. Along with Spanish language lessons and lodging with a host family, we can offer numerous cultural activities, adventure tours and community service to meet any particular group needs.

We are very price competitive and because of our many different destinations and contacts, we can fit any group budget. Group leaders and chaperones who contact ISLS can attend the program either free or at a drastically reduced cost. The larger the group, the cheaper the price per student and the more chaperones can attend for free.

We break down our price breaks and number of free chaperones by the group size, as follows:

  • Groups with 5 to 9 students, one chaperone goes free.
  • Groups with 10 to 19 students, two chaperones go free.
  • Groups 20 + have three chaperones or more that will go for free.

Every group is discounted off the Standard Adult Spanish rate. From 5 to 9 students you get a good discount, 10 to 19 you get a greater discount and 20 and up get the best discount. If you do not know in advance how many students will be a part of your group, that is fine, we will give you prices depending on how many you end up with.

Just contact us and give us your desires as to where you want to go, when you want to go and what you would like to have included in the price. We will get you a price quote and an initial itinerary right away. We can quote you a price that is all inclusive or we can quote you one that excludes things like airfare, some meals and tours. As we say, we can meet whatever budget you have.

Please Contact Us and let us show you how easy it is to put together the perfect group experience for you.

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