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Program Outline

Our Group 4 Spanish Program is our most popular course option and it includes four 50 minute class sessions each day for 20 each week. The lessons are split up into grammar and conversation classes. Students learn and practice Spanish while they meet other international students of the same Spanish level. Classes are held in the morning and afternoon. Students are not only separated by level of ability, but also by age. This helps make the social interaction easier. The maximum number of students in each group class is 7.

Private Lessons 4 hours/day is a very intensive and immersive course. This is a great program for those who have only a short time to be in our program, but really need to improve their Spanish. Students who take private lessons are able to tailor their classes to a specific topic or profession. Just let us know when signing up what you need to work on and we will develop a special curriculum just for you.

Our Medical Shadowing Program is a great way for medical professionals and students to get more our of their language experience with us. It consists of the standard Group 4 Spanish program, plus two shadowing opportunities each week. Students need to have at least an intermediate level of Spanish to attend this course. If you do not have this level, you can attend the Group 4 program until you do and then join the program.

All of our programs include a social program that starts every Monday with a city tour for the different neighborhoods of Lima and Miraflores. There are cooking classes, visits to museums and seminars on Inca culture. There is always something fun going on each afternoon or evening. If you need university credit for your course we are accredited in the US for undergraduate credits. We also have volunteer opportunities available. If you study for four weeks or longer, we will waive the placement fee. Classes are either from 9 until 1 or 2 until 6 with two short snack breaks.

Our Surf & Spanish Program combines our Group 4 Spanish classes with surf board rental and two surf lessons each week.


Miraflores is and upscale seaside neighborhood in Lima, Peru’s capital. Lime is a very large city and there are a number of very unique sites to visit in the old city. Miraflores has many restaurants, bars, shops and museums that are very close to the school.


Our homestay option is with specially selected Peruvian families. With homestay you receive half board, a private room, and pickup from the airport. Staying with a family is the best way to practice the Spanish you learn in class in a conversational setting. Those students not wishing to stay with a family stay at our student apartment. Students will have a private room with breakfast. Both accommodation choices include airport pickup. If you do not do lodging with us, the pick up is $15.


Lima is the capital of Peru and was founded by Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro. The “City of the Kings” has almost 8 million residents, which is about a third of the population of the entire country. The Historic Center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to it large number of colonial buildings and monuments. The Plaza Mayor is fronted on one side by the grand 16th century Cathedral and on another by the resplendent Presidential Palace. The National Museum of Anthropology, Archeology and History is said by many to be the best in Latin America.

Start Dates

Students with some knowledge of Spanish can start their programs any Monday of the year, but if you are complete beginner, we recommend you start on specific start dates. Please contact us for the start date nearest when you want to begin your program.


The climate in Lima is fairly mild. Even though it is subtropical and a desert area, because of the microclimate it is also humid. The average temperature year round is between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with highs up to 86°F and lows down to 50°F. Rainfall is almost unknown as the yearly average amount is less that half an inch. From May through December there is a mixture of morning fog and low clouds. Warm, dryer summers are from mid December through April.

Local Color

Lima is a city of festivals and religious celebrations. The patron saint of Lima is the Lord of the Miracles and all throughout October there are a number of parades as well as bull fights. During many of the parades full size statues of Jesus will be carried through the streets on elaborately decorated alters. The religious faithful follow the alter wearing purple robes and sing and play music as they process. Another large celebration is the Feria del Pacifico which is in November and has an international flavor to it.

School Benefits

The following are some of the benefits that our students receive at this location. Free tutorials, our own developed material, free internet access, Wi-Fi capability and full time activity coordinator. There are activities held all week as well as on weekends. Our staff is friendly, our premises has traditional architecture, there are free snacks and purified water at break time, tourist and city info assistance & welcome lunch for our new students.

Hot Tips

The catacombs and the Convento de San Francisco are a must see for any visitors to Lima. The convent itself is a 17th century Spanish neoclassic gem and worth a visit in its own right. The catacomb was the public cemetery where, during colonial times, all those without money for a proper burial were laid to rest. It you do not care for tight places, being underground or stacks of bones and skulls, you might want to skip this tour.

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