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An Open Letter To All
An open letter from our President, Dana G. Garrison

An Open Letter to All

Dear Prospective Client,

ISLS is proud to represent all of our many different Spanish language schools. We hope you will find the prices and packages both affordable and beneficial. Housing and curriculum options vary from location to location with the 4-hour course and homestay with a family the standard option. If, after looking at all of our different options, you feel that none of our schools meets your individual language needs or you have special questions or considerations, we have other alternatives available upon request. We now have many specialized language courses such as Medical Spanish, Children's Classes and our signature Teen Summer Surf Camp.

Our web site has been completely redesigned and all the information has been updated. We have taken into consideration our students' advice and comments to make your experience surfing our site easier and more informative. We believe that the more students know about the different programs, the better their decisions will be and thus, their experiences. We try to help students by answering questions and filling in the unique details for each school from our firsthand knowledge and experience. We never try to push a student in one direction or another or even to recommend one school over another. We guarantee that our schools are of the highest quality, with first class facilities, curriculums and teaching staffs. If our information is good and complete, and we do our job well, the right school for each individual student should become the school that stands out above the rest.

In Costa Rica we offer our students the convenience of our ISLS Student Guesthouse. This lodging option is available solely to our students and those of our schools. It serves three primary functions for our students. 1. As a place to stay for those students who arrive early or would like to extend their time in Costa Rica after their programs have ended. 2. As the base for our exclusive Welcome to Costa Rica Program and airport pick up service. 3. As the student assistance center, available 24 hours/day for students in need while they are in Costa Rica.

We reserve all beds, rooms and programs involving the house to students by the day, week or month. Everything is booked on a first come first serve basis. Students wanting to reserve a room, need to notify us as soon as possible so that we can make sure that space is available. Students can book tours, river rafting and boat trips through the Student Guesthouse. It is also a great place to hang out and meet other students attending the different ISLS schools throughout the country.

In order to help our students maximize their time spent in a total immersion course in Costa Rica, we offer our very popular Welcome to Costa Rica Program. This program is designed to give our students the easiest possible transition into the Costa Rican country and culture. The four days students spend with us are filled with different tours, activities and experiences designed to show them the Costa Rican People and Culture. We have found that students who arrive early for their programs have an easier time adjusting to their host families and thus make better use of their first few days of classes. This in turn helps them make the most of their entire visit.

In order to make studying Spanish in a foreign country more accessible to our students, we offer low cost airline tickets to Central and South America on all major carriers. In association with the Olé Travel Network in San Francisco, California we can now issue bulk rate tickets and discounted fares. Because of their longstanding reputation and specialization in the Latin market, Olé is able to get the lowest priced airfare available anywhere. Most times their prices are even lower than what you can find on the internet. Students are now able to pick a language school, host family, tour, hotel, rental car and airline ticket directly through ISLS. We believe that this makes our service head and shoulders above any other organization now working with students.

Just add up everything that ISLS offers:

  • Multiple language schools with varied locations in the city, countryside, mountains and beaches.
  • Multiple program choices and a wide range of prices.
  • Eight different countries from which to choose.
  • The best and most adventurous Teen Spanish Summer Camp options in Costa Rica.
  • Personal one-on-one service with experienced representatives.
  • Comprehensive Web-site with over 200 pages of information, photos and maps.
  • The ISLS Student Guesthouse in San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • 24-hour Emergency assistance in Costa Rica.
  • Our exclusive Welcome to Costa Rica Orientation Program with tours and river rafting.
  • Low Priced airfare on all major carriers to Central & South America.
  • Discounted car rental and hotel rates.

It is hard to believe that all of this is free to our students. That's right, it does not cost one penny more to book your language learning package through ISLS. We have no hidden registration fees, sign up fees, book fees or bogus late charges. The average ISLS student actually saves 10 to 15% on his/her airfare alone. It is our hope that our quality of service, information, knowledge and experience will cause you, the student, to book your language learning vacation through ISLS.

We very much look forward to seeing you in Latin America!

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