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Payment Options

Enter the amount you wish to pay then choose from the following payment options. Also, please read the cancellation policy at the bottom of the page. It applies no matter how you pay.

You can also register more people before you pay.

Thank you for your payment!

CANCELLATION POLICY If you end up having to cancel your Spanish language program or lodging,or any part of your program or lodging,for any reason, you must notify us in writing. An e-mail will suffice for written notification and the date that it is received by ISLS will be your “cancellation date.” ISLS agrees to refund 75% of the amount of the deposit when notified 8 weeks prior to the start of the above-specified program. From 8 weeks to 4 weeks prior we will refund 50% and in the final 4 weeks we will refund 25%. Once the program starts there is​ ​No​ ​refund of the deposit. If you are signing up to attend multiple school locations there is no refund of the entire deposit for all schools after the first day of classes at the first school. Once you have​ ​started the program, any cancellation must be handled directly between​ ​you and the school​ ​director. ISLS has no involvement in or responsibility for obtaining any refund. Youth Camps, special programs and privately arranged groups have different cancelation policies. Please make sure to check with an ISLS representative if you have any questions about these policies.

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