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2017 Summer Youth Spanish Camps

In 2017 we will be celebrating our 25th year providing Youth Spanish Immersion Camps in Costa Rica. We have welcomed literally thousands of students, parents and families to our unique and educational summer Spanish programs in Costa Rica. Each of our Teen Spanish Camps is designed to combine the learning of the language with fun, adventurous, educational and culturally significant activities. Our Children’s Camp in Playa Tamarindo is the only one of its kind in Latin America. If you are a family looking for a fun and educational vacation we have programs and camps for all ages, from 2 to 99 years of age.

We offer five exciting Teen Spanish Camps and one Children’s Spanish Camp in beautiful and safe Costa Rica! All teen camps in Costa Rica are designed so that students can mix and match different experiences and locations. If you would like to do a week or two in one camp followed by one or more in another, it is possible. In this way students are able to create a personalized and unique learning vacation.

Please check below for our camp schedules and start dates.

Youth Camp Discounts!

We offer two different types of discounts for our Youth Spanish Camps in Costa Rica; Sibling and Long Term. The Sibling Discount is for families that send two or more children at the same time. On our Teen Camps each child will receive $50/week off the standard price of the camp. On the Children's Camp each child will receive $25/week off. For the Long Term Discount, any student who attends for four or more weeks of our teen camps will receive a Free Airline Ticket to and from the USA. For the Children's Camp each child will receive $25/week off. For more information on these discounts, please contact us directly.

Start Dates

Camp June 18 June 25 July 2 July 9 July 16 July 23 July 30 Aug 6
Teen Surf Expedition* X X
Teen Adventure & Spanish** X X
Teen Surf & Spanish** X X X X X X
Teen Service & Turtle Rescue*** X X X X
Teen Adventure Travel**** X
Children’s Camp***** X X X X X X X X

* Spanish & Surf Expedition location – For Residencial Camp, two week camp, Day Camp is 1 or 2 weeks
** Camp location: Playa Tamarindo.
*** Start Date 1 day earlier on 6/17 & 7/22. Fly in and out of San Jose (SJO)
**** Teen Travel Camp: Playa Tamarindo and various other locations. (Only a one week camp)
***** The Children’s camps will start the Mondays following the dates above.

Camp Prices

Residential Camp

  • $2895/2 weeks – Teen Spanish Survice & Turtle Rescue
  • $3192/2 weeks – Teen Spanish & Surf Expedition
  • $1450/week – Teen Spanish and Surf Camp.
  • $1550/week – Teen Spanish and Adventure Camp
  • $1495/week – Teen Travel, Adventure and Spanish Camp

Day Camp

  • $875/week – Teen Spanish & Surf Expedition
  • $775/week – Teen Spanish and Surf Camp.
  • $875/week – Teen Spanish and Adventure Camp
  • $650/week – Teen Travel, Adventure and Spanish Camp
  • $550-$650/week – Children’s Spanish and Adventure Camp

Camp Information

Below you will find a brief description of each camp. For more complete information including: itineraries, list of tours and references, please contact us.

Teen Surf and Spanish Camp (Ages 13 - 17)

This is our signature program and is what we believe to be the most unique Teen Summer Spanish Camp in Central America. Students from ages 13 to 17 are eligible to participate in this exceptional Spanish immersion program. The camp offers interactive Spanish classes, surf lessons, and weekend adventure tours, as well as group and cultural activities.

This is the perfect program for high school students looking for a fun Spanish learning environment, while at the same time either learning to surf or practicing their skills on some of the best breaks in Latin America. Each week long session includes 5 days of Spanish classes, 4 hours/day, along with 4 afternoons of surfing. Students are lodging together in a local 3 star eco resort near the beach. Each weekend, students will participate in a 2 day adventure tour to a different part of Costa Rica.

Specifically, this camp includes the following:

  • Weekend adventure tours and evening cultural activities
  • 4 half-day surf lessons
  • Use of surfboards
  • Lodging in our Camp Compound or Home Stay
  • 3 meals per day
  • 4 hours per day of Spanish instruction
  • Study materials
  • Health/travel insurance
  • Bilingual guides

The ISLS Surf and Spanish Camp is located in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica, at our private language institute. Located on the Northern Pacific coast, Tamarindo is a world famous surfing destination with three different beaches and dozens of different breaks in the immediate area from which to choose. It is also a very safe beach for swimming, with a long white sand beach for lying out. It is a lively town with lots of banks, shops, stores and restaurants.

Each week students will participate in a beach clean up effort to protect the natural environment. Other volunteer activities are also available.

Teen Spanish Immersion and Adventure Camp (Ages 13 - 17)

This camp combines interactive Spanish lessons each morning with afternoon and weekend adventure tours. 5 days a week, from Monday through Friday, students will attend Spanish classes for 4 hours in small groups. In the afternoons, Monday through Thursday, they will take part in half day adventure tours. Then, on the weekend, they will participate in a 2 day adventure excursion. These excursions are designed to display the diversity and beauty of Costa Rica.

This camp is designed for students who are interested in exhilarating and challenging adventure activities. Students will visit local national parks, kayak, river raft, zip line, hike and rappel. When you combine intensive morning Spanish classes, afternoon tours, evening cultural activities with exciting weekend adventures you get an amazing Costa Rican experience.

Included in this Adventure Spanish Camp is the following:

  • 20 hours/week of Spanish lessons
  • 3 afternoon adventure tours/week
  • 1 Surf Lesson/week
  • Evening cultural activities
  • Lodging in our camp compound or Home Stay
  • 3 meals a day
  • Friday afternoon Beach Clean-up Project
  • Weekend 2-day adventure tours
  • Health/travel insurance
  • Full-time, local Bilingual guides

The Adventure Camp is only done two weeks each summer, so most students combine this with one of our other camps to have different experiences while in Costa Rica. This camp is meant to seamlessly continue a student’s Spanish education, while giving them some challenging and fun afternoon experiences.

The Adventure Camp takes place in Playa Tamarindo, which is located on the Northern Pacific coast in the province of Guanacaste. Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations and there are a lot of reasons why. It is a dry forest area, with substantially less rain than the rest of the country. This means you have more time to enjoy the outdoors and adventure activities. It also makes the beaches white and the ocean more clear and blue. It is a very safe beach for swimming and the town has a lot to offer with numerous banks, shops, stores and restaurants.

As with all of our camps, it is important to us to help protect the beauty of the natural environment by having students participate in a beach clean-up each Friday. Other volunteer and service hours are available for those students needing them.

Teen Spanish, Service and Turtle Rescue (Ages 14 - 17)

Want to experience the meaning of ‘Pura Vida’ in Costa Rica and make a real difference? This camp is for students who want to dive into the language and ‘Tico’ culture while at the same time working on community projects and saving endangered sea turtles. You’ll also experience the adventure that Costa Rica has to offer with rafting tours, jungle hikes, canal tours, repelling down waterfalls & zipping through the canopy.

Service, volunteer and environmental protection is the major focus of this camp. Monday and Wednesday, students volunteer at local orphanages, schools, churches and senior centers. During the middle weekend, the Camp will visit the Caribbean coast and participate in a Sea Turtle Rescue and Habitat Restoration Project. The final weekend we will volunteer in a remote mountain co-op community, dedicated to sustainability. By participating in needed projects we will improve the lives of those being served.

This camp includes the following:

  • 36 hours of Spanish Classes
  • Lodging with a Local Host Family & 3 Meals a day
  • 4 afternoon Service Projects (3 hrs each)
  • 2 afternoon Adventure Tours
  • 3-night visit to the Reserva Pacuare Sea Turtle Sanctuary
  • 2-night visit to the Mountain Co-op Community, Mollejones
  • All in-country transportation
  • White Water Rafting on the Rio Pacuare
  • Health/travel insurance
  • Bilingual guides
  • Airport pick up and drop off

Experiencing local family life is a large part of this camp and great care is taken when choosing these families. Only families who have worked with ISLS for more than five years and are willing to accept the added responsibilities inherent with housing teenagers are considered. Students share two meals a day with their host families. Students are placed one or two to a family, by request.

The town of Turrialba has 35,000 inhabitants and is located in a mountain valley, 1½ hours from the capital city, San Jose. It is a very safe and accessible town with none of the traffic and congestion of the capital. Three rivers crisscross the valley with a large man made lake about 10 minutes outside of town. The temperature in Turrialba is very mild with daytime highs in the mid 80s and nighttime highs in the mid 60s.

Teen Travel, Adventure and Spanish Camp (Ages 13 - 17)

This is a one week only camp where students get to visit several different parts of Northwest Costa Rica. The emphasis of this camp is on travel and adventure, so it includes only 2 mornings of Spanish classes (8 hours in total). Most days will be filled with adventures and tours. It is designed for students that are looking for a more intensive travel experience.

Costa Rica is one of the most diverse countries in the world. It has 21 different micro climates, hundreds of miles of coastline along both the Pacific and Caribbean and tall rain-forest covered mountains. Each destination during the week has been chosen to showcase Costa Rica’s natural splendor. From secluded tropical beaches to zip lining through a mountain canyon, beauty and adventure are our goal.

This camp includes the following:

  • 2 days of Spanish classes, 4 hours per day, Monday and Tuesday
  • 7 days of adventure tours
  • 2 days of surf lessons
  • Day long exploration of the northern beaches
  • 2 day trip to Isla de Chira indigenous island reserve
  • 2 day tour of Rincon de la Viaja National Park
  • 3 meals per day
  • Study materials
  • All in-country transportation
  • Health/travel insurance
  • Bilingual naturalist guides

The first part of the camp takes place in Playa Tamarindo. Here we will take Spanish classes and surf lessons. At mid-week we will head north to explore more warm tropical beaches to swim and snorkel. We then head to a rain forest covered island in the middle of the Gulf of Nicoya. After two days of kayaking, hiking and fishing with the local population, we will make our way to the volcanos and hot springs of Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja. Here we will zip line, raft, horseback ride and bask in the thermal hot springs and mud baths before heading back to Liberia were we wills stay the night before the students fly home on Monday.

We ask that students doing just the travel camp fly into and out of the Liberia Airport (LIR). Airport pick up and drop off from this airport are included the price of the camp. If a student must use the San Jose Airport (SJO), this is possible, but requires an additional transport fee as well as special arrangements. These arrangements will need to be made and approved in advance.

Teen Spanish and Surf Expedition (Ages 13 - 17)

The beaches of Costa Rica are world renown for their beauty as well as their amazing surf breaks. The Teen Surf Expedition is designed to discover and explore as many of these as possible. We have our own van, local surf guides and a limit of 10 students per group. This makes us mobile enough to strap on our surf boards and just go exploring to find the best breaks.

For the summer of 2017, the Surf Expedition will be exploring the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This area was made famous by the epic surf movie Endless Summer II. While our home base will be in Playa Tamarindo, we are able to surf all of the following beaches: Grande, Langosta, Avellanas, Mansita and Junquillal. Additionally, our two-day weekend surf tour will be to the most epic surf spot in Central America, Roca Bruja (Witches Rock) located in the Santa Rosa National Park!

This camp includes the following:

  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • 2 hours per day of intensive Spanish instruction Monday through Friday
  • Surfing on every non travel day
  • Weekend 2-day Surf Adventure Tour
  • Lodging in a surf hostel
  • Daily access to surf boards
  • 3 meals per day
  • Study materials
  • 24/7 in-country transportation in a private van
  • Health/travel insurance
  • Bilingual guides and local surf instructors

With the Surf Expedition we do 2 hours/day of classroom Spanish lessons at our private language institute in Tamarindo. The rest of the day is dedicated to surf and an opportunity to practice your conversational ability with our Tico surf instructors and locals. The in class instruction will be from 8 - 10am or 1 - 3pm, depending upon the tide, which ensures the optimal surfing times and conditions.

Each weekday, students will have at least two opportunities to surf. There is a dawn patrol that will go out before breakfast. Tamarindo is a great surfing beach and if the tide is right an early morning set is a must, as there are many fewer surfers in the water. For the location and times of the other daily surfing sessions, the lead surf instructor will check tides, swells and what beaches have the best conditions. Having our own van means we can go anywhere we want and when we want.

In Tamarindo, we will be staying in town and near the beach in a small surf compound. Students will be in shared rooms by gender and the lead surf instructor and counselors will stay together with the group. We will be able to hear the waves and have an easy walk to the main surf breaks. Rash guards are provided, and if you want to bring your own board, you can.

It is important to us to help protect the beauty of the natural environment by having students participate in a beach clean-up each Friday. Other volunteer and service hours are available for those students needing them.

Children’s Spanish, Sports & Adventure Camp (Ages 2 - 13)

Our Children’s Camp is the only one of its kind in all of Latin America. It is designed for parents who want their children to get something special out of their family vacation to Costa Rica. This camp is an enjoyable and educational way to accomplish that. The purpose of our Children’s Camp is to combine a number of different age appropriate activities in an overall learning environment. This creates a less intensive and more enjoyable atmosphere for younger children to learn Spanish.

This is a 1 to 8 week long day camp for families traveling to Costa Rica with children between the ages of 2 & 13. Parents can take the adult Spanish lessons at our Spanish Immersion Center or they can relax all day while their children are having fun. If you have teenagers traveling with you, they can join our Teen Spanish Camps as day campers. We have special prices and options for teens who are traveling with other family members.

The camp is located at our private language institute that is right on the beach and in the center of town. Playa Tamarindo is a true tropical, dry forest paradise with plenty of things to do for all ages of the family. It is a great swimming beach, as well as a popular surf spot.

Camp hours are 8am to 2pm, Monday through Friday. Students are split up into three different groups: Pre-K, Elementary and Middle School. In the mornings there are at least two hours of fun and interactive Spanish lessons followed by time at the beach and lunch. Afternoons are filled with arts and crafts, surf lessons, interaction with local children, adventure tours, beach volleyball games, swimming and weekly graduation ceremonies.

The Pre-K Group is a fun and interactive Spanish day care service. Children from 2 to 4 can be with us two, four or six hours/day, depending upon the family's needs. The camp counselors are all local women who have worked with the school and our camp for years. They continually interact with the children throughout the day and all in Spanish. We don't just sit them down in front of a flat screen and have them watch shows in Spanish. We play games, do crafts, sing songs and utilize numerous learning aids developed specifically for this age group.

The cost depends upon the number of hours you choose each day. The prices are as follows: 2 Hours/day - $190/week, 4 Hours/day - $260/week, 6 Hours/day - $350/week.

The Elementary School Group is split up into Spanish classes by age, 5 to 7 and 8 to 10. There are two Spanish teachers per age level, or four in total. By splitting up the group by age it gives us a greater ability to make the classes more developmentally appropriate.

The Elementary Group is further split into two smaller groups by level of ability in Spanish. One teacher will be in charge of the more beginner group and the other will handle the more advance. There are two hours of instruction each day at this level from 8 to 10 am. We have fun, interactive and age and level specific curricula and materials for theses ages.

Student in the Elementary Group are in the camp from 8 am to 2 pm and all activities and lunch are included. The Price of the camp for this age group is $550/week.

The Middle School Group, is for children ages 11 to 13. Because these students are older and use to a more structure classroom environment, they are taught at our adult language center. They are given a more intense curriculum and their materials are more challenging. They also have six more hours of in class lessons each week. They are given an additional two hours of classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Middle School Group still participates in all of the adventure and cultural activities as well as lunch each day. We also allow parents of mature 10 years olds to choose to move them into this program. The Price of the camp for this age group is $650/week.

Playa Tamarindo is a beach on the northwest coast of Costa Rica. It is in the tropical dry forest and is one of the most popular, family friendly, destinations in Costa Rica. There are a number of reasons for this: Tamarindo and the surrounding area has the best weather in all of Costa Rica with the most days of sunshine. The beach is large with white sand and stretches over a mile right in front of town. Everything is within walking distance and you do not need to rent a car.

Another thing that makes the place so attractive to families is that there are many different lodging options from which to choose. Each summer we completely take over a luxury condominium complex near the beach for our families. The complex has 8 two bedroom luxury condos and is also the place where we do the classes for the Pre-K and Elementary School groups. If you are interested in reserving a slot at our family compound, please contact us for more details and pricing.

Put it all together with the diversity of wildlife, the abundant national parks and the many adventure activities and you have a wonderful destination for the whole family. Also, the Liberia airport is only 45 minutes from Tamarindo and services most international carriers, so it is very convenient.

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